Why do you need call tracking?

Have you ever felt like you spent money on a marketing campaign but had no idea if it produced any actual results? I mean how could you, there are just so many segments from Google ads, Facebook, Direct mail and you may notice an uptick in calls but you werent sure if that marketing campaign was the reason behind it.

"Slingtrack helps us understand where our calls are coming from and what channels are not generating results, we cant see ourselves going back without this software, it has saved us thousands!"
Arnold H

Where do my calls come from?

Sling Track aims to solve this problem​

At Slingmotion we understand this and we are committed to having you our clients understand where your marketing dollar is best spent with our Brooklyn phone call tracking management software. Our mission is ensure that you never feel as if you are in the dark which is why call tracking is among our most essential products.

advertising channel reports

Imagine a real time call log with ROI reports

Keep track of all your phone calls and understand key metrics such as where the phone call originated from, how long the phone call lasted and whether the call was completed successfully.
Your log allows you to tag phone calls and also listen in on the call with access to all recordings for your peace of mind.

Call reporting

Detailed historical call reporting allows you to see trends in your calls as well as key data metrics such as call duration.

Monitor Staff performance

Listen in on your phone calls, track missed calls and see which calls are repeat or from a new caller.

No More Guess Work with Sling Track

Control every aspect of your business

We believe in complete transparency and want you to understand what type of results your budget generates. With Slingtrack Brooklyn phone call tracking management software you add another layer to your business to understand what is working and what is not. Together we will optimize and maximize those layers that are generating you new business while removing those broken segments burning your marketing budget.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Our Brooklyn phone call tracking management software plans are scalable which means you can start small until you grow big.








Our plans are not meant to fit every business.

Are you interested in a customized plan or special pricing if you are a current customer?

We will work together to build a plan which fits your business.


What they say

Our clients relationships are essential to our success. Our plans include regular bi-weekly strategy meetings.

your success is our success

"The team at Slingmotion helped us understand why our law firm was struggling to produce digital leads, after a comprehensive free consultation we implemented a lead generation strategy which has been keep our calendars booked."
Vivien D
Property Law Firm
"Our facility has spent tens of thousands on marketing however our ROI was low, Sling offered a free audit which helped us understand where our budget was burning money and where we should allocate our funding. We couldn't be happier with the results!."
Jeffrey M
LTC Facility
"I have worked with other marketing agencies in the past but I found Slingmotion to take on a different angle when it comes to client success. We found all our data to be ready accessible and I never found myself to feel as if we are left in the dark with our spending.
Alex G
LTC Facility