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Digital Marketing in the Wake of the Coronavirus

The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak as a global pandemic. This unprecedented situation leaves private and public sectors in confusion, defining it as a time of uncertainty.

Not only the pandemic affects the public’s health, but it also challenges businesses and consumers on a global level. Different sectors put effort into preventing infections from spreading further. Some of these activities include implementing remote work, canceling events, and online networking. Even the digital marketing field is considered vulnerable to these impacts since economic changes affect the business pipeline as well.

Good thing, digital agencies exist. They are your ultimate go-to solution in managing your situation externally –assuring your consumers’ behaviors during the times of coronavirus crisis.

Why Should Your Business Care with Digital Marketing?

As of this writing, government officials deem the public to stay indoors to prevent the virus from spreading. And this means that more people are forced to use the internet to ease themselves from boredom. Yet, a silver lining in this crisis is that it helps people connect as well as share information and resources online.

Digital marketing plays an important part in your business’s efficiency. It comprises all marketing efforts and uses digital devices to leverage your business platform online. Digital marketing eliminates face-to-face interactions (which is the prime method of spreading the virus) and helps your business continue what it had started before the pandemic began. 

Compared to traditional advertising, digital marketing does not promote your brand and services through print ads. It merely focuses on electronic channels to advertise your products with more effectiveness, such as email, social media, and website-based marketing opportunities. Digital marketing also controls how you want to optimize your content, search engine, organic traffic, and email marketing for better results despite the economic crisis.

However, another problem comes into mind: you don’t know how to implement and start your digital marketing, particularly in the current moment. 

To help you answer your problem, we outlined the benefits of hiring a digital agency below.

Hiring a Digital Agency in the Pandemic Outbreak

Now that most businesses resort to remote working, it’s time for your business to execute the same thing. Hiring an in-house marketing team won’t be an easy task for your business, given the crisis of the global pandemic today (and of course, people don’t want to risk their lives going out for a possible interview!). You might have also heard locations implementing lockdowns, which is a big hurdle for office-based employees.

With a digital agency, your business can continue its marketing needs, unlike in an in-house team. You’re also helping the world in preventing the spread of the coronavirus because digital agency eliminates personal interaction.

So, what should you know about the digital agency?

A digital agency is an advertising agency that provides businesses a powerful approach in managing their promotional strategies in the digital age. It brings aesthetics, copywriting, and search engine optimization in one place. Together with modern technology, a digital agency makes your business stronger and better, along with providing solutions in the ever-changing world.

In contrast to an in-house team where you need to describe a member’s duties, a digital agency does the job for you. They are responsible for delivering a wide range of services for your marketing needs, such includes:

  • Web design and development (multi-platforms)
  • Responsive designs, search engine optimization, and mobile strategies
  • Organic results, pay-per-click, and data analytics
  • Social media marketing, brand strategy, and design
  • Lead generation and nurturing, digital signage, and data integration
  • Content creation and video production

Consulting your marketing needs with a digital agency is beneficial. It provides your business with a greater advantage because it focuses on the external factors that can influence consumers’ behaviors during the global outbreak.

Here are the benefits of hiring a digital agency today:

1. A digital agency has more and established services.

Employing a digital agency in our current situation isn’t a tough choice in extending your marketing goals online. As mentioned above, it provides a managed approach in meeting your business needs without going through an interview process to find the right candidate for the open position (which is done with an in-house marketing team).

Additionally, you make the most out of your money with a digital agency. Aside from it being manageable, you don’t need to worry whether or not its members are capable of delivering high-quality services. Take note that unlike hiring an in-house marketing team, a digital agency has more experience with clients. This implies that the members have already built their fields and gained experience in focused areas.

Digital agencies have designated members for a specific task, and most of them are already experts in their areas. They acquire special skill sets to meet your goals in the shortest period possible. But, you must make sure to acquaint them with your business value and culture to align processes based on your desired goals.

2. A digital agency has diverse skill sets.

Since digital agencies process clients’ requests over time, you can guarantee that they have more knowledge of completing your digital marketing needs. You can take advantage of the digital agency’s collective experiences and put them into your promotional strategies. Thus, giving your business an edge over the competition.

More brainpower produces fresher and innovative solutions for your business. Digital agencies have prepared plans on discovering the best ways to fulfill your advertising strategies, notwithstanding the coronavirus outbreak. They learn how to deal with the existing marketing problems by executing a senior-level approach in increasing your brand awareness and online visibility.

Although in-house marketing is one step ahead in terms of knowing your company’s value, digital agencies can gain familiarity with your brand through constant communication. Empowering them to express their concerns and giving them transparency to your business will help them align their services with yours.

Transparency goes hand-in-hand between your business and your chosen digital agency. Providing them the documents they need allows them to focus on your business pipeline and sales. And the digital agency, in return, will give a detailed report on how well their strategies outperformed your current structure and target market. For instance, Slingmotion Digital comes with access to an intuitive data dashboard where you can determine how well a campaign ad is successful after being implemented. The dashboard also provides essential insights about your business’ return on investment.

3. A digital agency is cost-effective.

With the rise of the pandemic crisis, several businesses unintentionally shut down their operations to avoid further infections. This means little to no revenue, affecting the business operations as a whole. We’re not being biased here. But with the combined benefits above, hiring a digital agency can provide your business short- and long-term goals by spending dollars into it.

Business expenses are usually categorized into three: the hiring process, tools and training, and turnover. The good news is that you don’t need to learn all these; a digital agency is responsible for acquiring expert individuals, training their skills, and enacting the turnover process.

The existence of coronavirus globally makes it more difficult and time-consuming to hire individuals for your in-house marketing team. And you could tell that everyone is afraid of getting out of their homes. So by engaging a digital agency into your business, you’ll get more of what you paid for: a complete set of experts based on your marketing needs.

Moreover, you don’t have to register applications or provide training for the digital agency, as they already have one. All you need to do is consult them regarding your business’ promotional strategies. The same goes for the turnover rate since your chosen digital agency is liable for the change process. This means that your business isn’t likely to be distracted by the turnover process at all. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the pandemic outbreak will end soon. In the meantime, prevent yourself from going out and avoid crowded places as much as possible.

Your business can have a great impact on reducing the spread of the virus. Hiring a digital agency to meet your marketing needs is essential during times like this. It helps maintain your web marketing normally despite the flare-up situations we are experiencing today. Keep in mind that the ability to respond quickly in times of global crisis helps your business gain a competitive edge over those companies who are slow to react.

If you’re looking for a digital agency that caters to all these benefits, Slingmotion Digital is an excellent choice. We understand your business needs, especially during this time of a pandemic outbreak. We commit ourselves in a continuous process to deliver high-quality services to overcome the global crisis’ impacts on your business. 

We are providing free expert business advice in wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

At this point you must have heard about the Corona virus Pandemic and it seems the growth of the virus in the United States is only expected to grow.

We are seeing 14,000 new cases every day and with no current hope of the number slowing down.

As a result the global stock markets have crashed and businesses all around the world and the United States are affected.

Conversions & Organic Traffic is down

Understandably as the United States goes into lock-down, marketers and businesses have seen a steep decline in organic traffic and conversions within most industries while industries such as the food & health care industries are spiking with more organic traffic.

Slingmotion is here to help businesess big and small with free professional digital marketing advice.


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