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Digital Marketing with a healthy mix of Local

We get it, we are a digital marketing company.. Why are we offering a local service?
in the age of digital, your message is between thousands of other companies in a all out tug and pull.
Our EDDM marketing strategy is unique because our specialty is multi-channel marketing or combing services which work together to produce the maximum output. Often so, our Brooklyn Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service establishes first contact with your future clients and then puts them on the beginning of their digital journey.

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Local Marketing is not dead

But can rather be an effective medium to attract certain demographics

Certain businesses with an account facing presence can benefit greatly from running local advertising campaigns such as EDDM marketing campaigns which work by bulk mailing certain zip-codes select mail-pieces advertising your company and services. This allows you to create awareness and generate interest locally.

Let us build your customer journey

Build your customers a clear path to follow

Our Brooklyn EDDM marketing operates in elaborate planned stages and where we begin depends on where your business currently is in the digital world. Every prospect will have their own journey when it comes to learning about your business and it is our role to ensure that journey is clearly laid out.

Content Creation

Create quality original content which appeals to your potential prospects allowing you to move them to the first stage (Awareness)

Engage Followers

Engage with your followers encouraging them to share your content with their friends as well as move deeper into the customer journey.

Funnel Building

Create highly effective conversion focused landing pages where your prospects will be inclined to convert to paying customers.

Business Advocacy

Encourage your customers to produce user generated content which humanizes your business and builds social proof.