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Learn How to Get 10k Monthly in Free Advertising for Your Nonprofit Business

If you have a non-profit business and never heard of Google Ad Grants, chances are you’ll be missing the key benefits you should be receiving. Ideally, Google promotes Ad Grant’s services to non-profit organizations by providing them a $10,000 monthly budget in promoting their cause online. However, Google places restrictions on non-profit organizations before acquiring their service. If you aren’t sure how Google Ad Grants work, this article provides insights on how it optimizes your organization online. 

What is Google Ads Grant? How does it work? 

Regardless of size or type, Google provides effective marketing campaigns to your non-profit organization. It gives a $10,000 monthly budget to increase your campaigns online. Google fuels your non-profit group by placing your valuable mission next to Google search. This usually occurs when online users search for non-profit organizations related to yours. This service provides the necessary tools and metrics to keep up with your target audience and market. 

With the allotted monthly budget, you can develop your non-profit organization even more. You can use the Google Ad Grants’ budget to recruit volunteers and attract donations. By properly using Google’s metrics, non-profit associations can easily reach the audience globally and quickly. Aside from this, the effective consumption of Google Ad Grants helps visitors become more aware of your organization’s cause, together with mission and vision –the more informed people, the greater the donations and volunteers, which is the heart of every non- profit organization. 

You need to consider a few things before acquiring Google Ad Grants. First, your entire campaign advertisement is in the form of text alone. It does not cater to videos or images of your non- profit organization. Second, your organization appears below the advertisements of paid marketers on Google. To ensure that your cause places on top of the Google search result page, you need to target keywords that online visitors likely use. Be mindful that Google limits $2 as your maximum cost-per-click. 

What are the Eligibility Requirements? 

Now that you have a background of what Google Ads Grant has to offer, you’re likely to apply for it. The good thing with Google is that it provides clear and concise eligibility requirements for non-profit organizations that are interested in the service. Here are the simple conditions of Google before granting you a monthly budget of ad campaigns: 

1. Join Google for Nonprofits first. 

It provides Google apps dedicated to non-profit organizations. For instance, G Suite helps your organization become more collaborative and productive inside terms of file sharing, messaging, and calendar meetings. By raising awareness, you can attract potential donors online. You can also recruit volunteers through Google’s in-kind advertising features. Google’s YouTube for non- profit associations helps spread your cause through video promotions. Lastly, you’ll benefit from Google Earth and Maps, as it gives visitors the idea of how your service impacts people’s lives positively. 

2. Your organization should hold a valid charity status. 

Check on Google about your non-profit organization’s location. For example, the United States holds that a valid non-profit organization complies with the IRS’ 501(c)(3) code. However, Google states that some types of organizations are not accepted. You need to provide documentation that your organization is not a governmental entity, a healthcare institution, or an academic institution. 

3. Agree to Google’s terms and conditions. 

Google is straightforward when it comes to terms and conditions. It restricts monthly budget ad campaigns to legitimate non-profit organizations that underwent verification processes. Google also acknowledges the importance of an organization’s management in terms of volunteers and donations. 

4. You need to have a healthy website. 

Lastly, your organization needs to have a functional website that contains helpful insights, contents, or articles. Google stresses importance on the website, as it gives online and legal presence to online visitors. 

How to Apply to for Google Ad Grants Program? 

Applying to the Google Ad Grants program involves two parts. First, you need to verify your organization under Google for the Non-profit program. Second, activate your Google Ad Grants account. 

Verifying Google for Nonprofit Program 

1. Register your non-profit organization with TechSoup.

2. If not registered, you can request an account under Google.

3. Submit all requirements required for the verification process.

4. Wait for an email confirming your account’s approval.

5. Activate your account. 

Google Ad Grants Activation Guideline 

1. After approving your Google for Non-profit account, you can now create your Ad Grants account.

2. Fill in the pre-qualification survey and submit.

3. Take the Ad Grants’ quiz. Make sure you got all correct so that Google activates your account.

4. Submit your account for another pre-qualification process.

5. Once approved, create your campaign. You need to describe your organization, select where to show your campaigns, and define your product or service.

6. Create your advertisement, set budget, and review your promotional setting.

7. Submit your account for review. 

How to Maintain Eligibility 

To get a monthly budget from the Google Ad Grants program, make sure that you maintain your eligibility regularly. 

Google recently updated its requirements for non-profit organizations. Since January 2018, Google does not permit campaign ads to have single-word keywords, except for brand names and specific medical conditions. Google also banned generic keywords, like names of places and historical people. 

Aside from this, your non-profit organization should always be updated with Google’s terms and conditions. It also demands non-profits to place geo-target strategies in locations relevant to the organization. Additionally, Google needs at least two active advertisement groups and text for a non-profit organization to be eligible for the monthly budget. The website should have a minimum of two link ad extensions for Google to continue giving Ad Grants to a non- profit organization. 

To continue benefiting from Ad Grants, your website ads should not offer financial products, such as mortgages. You also need to know that Google prohibits asking for large donations. Not complying with Google’s conditions might result in termination of the account. 

What are the Benefits of Google Ad Grants to Non-profit Organizations? 

Unlike businesses that need to pay Google to display their products at the top page result, non- profit organizations do not, which is made possible through Google Ad Grants programs. Google allows non-profit associations to attract volunteers and donations without depleting their funds. 

Here are the advantages you can get from the Google Ad Grants program: 

1. Non-profit organizations can boost their online presence, allowing them to reach a wider audience and raise awareness about their cause globally. 

2. You can run campaigns and advertisements that promote your mission and vision values. Google Ad Grants’ $10,000 monthly budget to non-profit organizations and use it to fuse keyword and research tools. 

3. To benefit from grants, ensure that your organization can develop an engaging ad copy. Make your presence visible by highlighting your target keyword on the headline, emphasizing what makes your organization unique, and providing a call-to-action. 

4. Creating a compelling advertisement allows the flow of donations to your organization. When it comes to fundraising events, Google has your back. It provides strategies to make it easier for your visitors to share your organization’s information online. 

5. You can get successful conversion rates by directing potential donators to a specific landing page. Instead of redirecting your visitors to your website’s homepage, Google Ad Grants program make sure that you create a landing page with a purpose. For instance, you can ask visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, answer a form or survey, or support your cause. 

6. Aside from directing your visitors to a landing page with a purpose, you can also avert their attention to compelling stories regarding your non-profit organization. Stories can easily touch the hearts of people, which they can share on social media platforms –a big plus for raising awareness on the non-profit organization. 

7. Last but not least, the more people share your online presence, the more your organization raises recognition. You can use this strategy to recruit volunteers and attract donations online. 

How Hard is it to Manage a $10,000 Ad Grants Budget Monthly? 

The Google Ad Grants program provides the easiest way to budget and build your online presence. You can manage your monthly limit by yourself. Google encompasses an algorithm that places your campaign advertisements automatically. To make this happen, you only need to create an account, determine your target audience or market, describe your non-profit organization, and set your budget daily. 

If you are having technical difficulties, you can hire an individual with expertise in pay-per-click (PPC) management. With the right set of strategies, you can convert your $10,000 monthly budget into more conversion, donation, and rate. 

Where to Find a Great PPC Service? 

Finding the right PPC service consumes lots of time. Good thing, the Slingmotion Digital has your back. We focus not only on growing your organic results but also on managing your budget effectively. 

With Slingmotion Digital’s PPC team, non-profit organizations are more likely to spend their monthly resources to strategies that provide positive results for their causes. Even businesses can benefit from our well-trained PPC team as it generates leads and converts them into customers. 

If you’re interested in effective budget management, contact Slingmotion Digital today. Start reaping the benefits you should be receiving through our experts. 

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