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You get your brand, but what about your followers?

Every business today should have a social media presence, after all, social media profiles are considered to be your digital identity, your own personal medium where you are able to communicate, engage with and grow your community of loyal followers. Our Brooklyn social media management allows you to understand your market, who connects with your brand and how to find more people just like your existing best clients!

How different platforms work together to grow your brand

Instagram = 1 Billion Monthly users

Social sharing of brand lifestyle via use of pictures and short videos. Instagram is about producing content which relates to your target demographic.

YouTube - 2 billion monthly users

Create videos that engage with your following. We know today video is essential when it comes to engagement. That is because with video you are much more able to tell your brand story.

Pinterest = 250 million monthly users

This platform is all about discovery and caters to unique demographics learning about your brand. We recommend this platform based on your niche and target market

Linkedin = 260 million monthly users

Business oriented social platform which allows brands to connect to consumers, employees and B2B opportunities. This is where we share your expertise and find those key clients.

Facebook = 2.3 billion monthly users

A central platform where you are able to communicate your brand message building awareness, engagement and conversions. This is a great platform to help define your target audience.

Twitter = 330 million monthly users

Consider Twitter your companies micro blog or news stand where short messages about your brand gets shared and digested on a daily basis.

Social Media Works hand to hand with paid advertising

paid ads are effective but can be much more effective

We choose to specialize in a small number of services which work synergistically together. Our goal is to provide you the highest ROI possible and by combining paid ads with a highly creative Brooklyn social media management team which works hard to understand your business and brand, we had found the highest ROI for our clients. Together we will build a passionate community which not only understands your message but works with us to spread it to their network.

Let us build your customer journey

Build your customers a clear path to follow

Our Brooklyn social media marketing operates in elaborate planned stages and where we begin depends on where your business currently is in the digital world. Every prospect will have their own journey when it comes to learning about your business and it is our role to ensure that journey is clearly laid out.

Content Creation

Create quality original content which appeals to your potential prospects allowing you to move them to the first stage (Awareness)

Engage Followers

Engage with your followers encouraging them to share your content with their friends as well as move deeper into the customer journey.

Funnel Building

Create highly effective conversion focused landing pages where your prospects will be inclined to convert to paying customers.

Business Advocacy

Encourage your customers to produce user generated content which humanizes your business and builds social proof.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Our plans are scalable which means you can start small until you grow big.








Our plans are not meant to fit every business.

Are you interested in a customized plan or special pricing if you are a current customer?

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