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The Importance of Call Tracking for Your Business

You might have heard about call tracking, but aren’t sure how it plays an essential role in your business.

Every business promotes its products through advertising. Marketing techniques are one of the best ways to reach your audience. However, marketing products does not necessarily mean that your business is good to go. You need to know precisely how effective your promotional campaigns are in targeting your consumers. Be mindful that each approach provides different results for your business. With call tracking, you can easily determine the tactics that work best for you.

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is an effective way to track your website and calls. It records received phone calls and identifies where it came from. It gives a detailed report that displays which campaigns drive calls to your business. This process helps you determine effective business strategies that convert into profit. Since call tracking pinpoints how callers found your business, you can assess the success of your advertising campaigns. Through this process, your marketing team can easily find strategies that need optimization.

Additionally, call tracking helps in budgeting your finances more wisely. It does a great job of giving full reports of business tactics that give you the best return on investment (ROI). Digital marketers often use call tracking software to get a glimpse of how their businesses are doing. They incorporate dynamic number insertion that gives a unique phone number based on your customer’s geographical location. Although it provides a varied number to users, it redirects your actual phone business. Call tracking software recognizes the call’s source, whether it originated from a link, keywords, or ads found online.

Benefits of Call Tracking Software

Call tracking provides benefits to your business that traditional marketing does not. For instance, you can make specific adjustments just by knowing how successful your current strategies are.

Here are the advantages you can get from implementing a call tracking software in your business:

1.  It provides a better analysis of your ROI.

Through dynamic number insertion, you can easily track how effective your campaigns are in the market. Call tracking gives you lots of information about your actual ROI for different promotional strategies. It gives you a better idea of advertisements that produce the most

profit for your business. You can quickly know whether your business is making money, losing investments, or breaking even. Call tracking software encompasses the tools needed to analyze the success of a tactic by comparing the spent and returned money on your business.

2.  It eliminates wasted ad spend.

Call tracking software provides an adept analysis of how each of your campaigns is doing. With a detailed report, you can determine the promotional advertisements that generated leads and those that are not. You can invest heavily in tactics that give revenues and cut back on strategies that are not. Call tracking determines all these aspects to make sure you are making the most out of your money.

3.  It helps your business create wiser and smarter decisions.

Call tracking software provides an intuitive dashboard that gives a comprehensive report of your caller’s information, like source, length of the call, number of calls made, and demographic data. You can access all this information at your most convenient time, anytime and anywhere. Besides, your marketing department can efficiently make wiser decisions by comparing each advertising spending –those that need to be maintained, improved, or eliminated.

4.  It improves call routing, recording, and forwarding.

Losing potential customers due to misrouted calls are inevitable. Thus, you need a call tracking software to redirect calls to the right marketing staff. The call forwarding feature directs the callers straight to the right person, allowing them to raise their concerns immediately. In this way, you’ll create more sales effectively. Likewise, your business can take advantage of call tracking’s recording feature. It gives you the idea of your customers’ problems and how well your call center department resolves the issue.

5.  It defines your target market.

Since call tracking software provides you valuable information about the source and demographics of your caller, you can determine the target market immediately. The service allows you to learn more of your leads and use them to produce more optimized campaign advertisements online and offline.

6.  It recovers lost leads.

Business managers have busy schedules. Despite this event, they can track their business’ performance through call tracking software. Implementing one on your business delivers a more handy strategy of recovering lost leads. With the call recording feature, you can monitor your customers’ experiences when calling your business. Call tracking allows you to measure your customer service’s effectiveness in providing solutions to your consumers.

7.  It helps in staffing needs.

Since call tracking software gives you a better idea of your business’ customer service, you can determine the type of training to help your employees gain better insights on converting callers into customers. It also helps in recognizing your staff’s skills and rewarding them for a job well done. Creating a positive perspective on your customer service department benefits your promotional campaigns. Similarly, you can make the necessary internal changes to match your audience’s needs and concerns.

8.  It measures your online operations.

Businesses deploy marketing campaigns to different platforms, like social media, Google, and websites. Call tracking assists your business in locating your caller’s origin. For example, the software provides unique phone numbers that your potential customers can use to talk to your business. Those unique numbers apply to different online marketing efforts, allowing you to determine where your client found your product or service. It specifically addresses the landing pages that produce effective inbound calls towards your business.

9.  It compares your advertising channels.

The most beneficial part of call tracking software is that it gives you insights on how well your strategies are performing online. It provides a chart, graph, or any valuable infographic resource that compares your marketing channels with one another. If you are having social media, newspaper, and Google search engine as among your marketing channels, the call tracking software distinguishes them distinctly. You’ll learn more about how each of  your tactics benefits your business and identify which of them offers the most profitable outcome.

10.  It improves your search engine optimization (SEO).

Considering online platforms, you need to make sure that your website is visible to your target audience. The good thing with call tracking is that it refines your SEO by focusing on keywords that your customers are likely to use when searching for your product. With dynamic number insertion, you can learn about the specific keywords that brought the visitor to your website, source of leads, and user’s online activity. Once you have this information, you can optimize your landing page and converting pages.

11.  It indicates a great conversion for the business.

Implementing SEO on a website has varying purposes. One of them is to convert leads, deals, and sales that your business website can generate. SEO does not only focus on attracting traffic but also on how effective your landing pages generate leads and convert them into customers.

12.  It monitors the peak call hours.

Another benefit of the call recording feature of a call tracking software is that it compiles information on a database. You can understand the day and hours that customers are likely to call. It also evaluates your call center’s key performance indicator (KPI), along with the inbound and outbound calls daily. Knowing these, you can manage your staff’s working hours effectively and efficiently. You’ll also be less likely to lose any sales that result from missed or unrouted calls.

Without call tracking, you might end up guessing which of your promotional strategies are effective in gaining revenues for the business. You can be swept away with the idea, “Oh well, I think that the social campaign we created last month is responsible for our success today.” If you continue this type of thinking, you might end up investing heavily in a campaign advertisement that you thought is accountable for higher ROI but isn’t in reality. So make sure to implement a call tracking software today to prevent any side-guessing on the future of your business.

Choosing the Right Call Tracking Software

The internet has lots to offer when it comes to a call tracking software. Yet, you need to invest in a service that produces commendable results.

Slingmotion Digital caters to your call tracking needs. We provide enterprise-level digital solutions that will help your business grow and improve. We also offer services that drive digital growth, along with marketing content strategies that generate leads and convert customers.

Slingmotion Digital focuses on your business data, rendering an intuitive dashboard where you can see the results of all your campaigns. Our call tracking software produces simple, comprehensive reports into your ROI insights. Our call tracking software measures the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, allows full-control on business data, visualizes your traffic’s source, and implements state-of-the-art data features that fit your business needs.

Part of our service includes SEO algorithms, pay-per-click advertisements, and social media management tools. Slingmotion Digital makes sure to manage your online social media presence on different platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. The services offered track every metric supported by regular reports and data.

For more information on how Slingmotion Digital can track your calls, contact our experts and get started today. Send us an email at or send a message through our website. We look forward to helping you with your call tracking needs.

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